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food focused

3 month program

the program for the woman who is food focused and wants to learn the basics of nutrition, intuitive eating, and how to best fuel her body, depending on her specific needs and goals. this program a great first step for the woman who is ready to make dietary changes and learn mindful eating habits.

Food Focused: About

i help women become their own health advocates

are you not sure what information really matters on a nutrition label?

do you currently crave something sweet after every meal? what about caffeine every afternoon?

do you find yourself reaching for snacks a hour or two after eating a meal?

do you default to buying foods labeled "sugar-free", "gluten-free", or "low carb" soley because you think they're the healthier option?

do you have no idea where to start as far as cooking from home?

do you compare yourself to old photos of yourself or others?

do you get overwhelmed trying to navigate everything at the grocery store?

if you answered yes to any of these, i get it... because i have been there, too.

Food Focused: About

meet julia

integrative health coach

julia has been working as an integrative health coach since 2019. her specialty is teaching women how to eat to support their unique bodies through basic nutrition information and mindful eating practices, therefore allowing them to trust themselves instead of the outside noise of diet culture. 

julia also believes that in order to achieve sustainable health, you must also have a healthy mindset. this is why she implements stress management and self care practices into her shift and sustain programs.

certified integrative health coach, graduated from the institute of integrative nutrition

currently enrolled at hawthorn university pursuing a certification in nutrition consulting

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Food Focused: About
Healthy Food

food focused program is for the woman who...

  • has "tried it all" and is sick of trying to fit herself into a box of someone else's definition of health.

  • lives a busy lifestyle and needs quick, simple, and easy to implement habits.

  • constantly craves fast and processed foods, and desires to shift into eating more whole foods.

  • wants to trust her body to eat intuitively without counting calories or macros.

  • is constantly snacking throughout the day and never feels satisfied.

  • craves dessert or a "treat" after every meal. 

  • is taking health advice from instagram and google.

  • is constantly reaching for that afternoon cup of coffee for more energy.

  • has body composition goals, and wants to achieve them in a healthy way.

  • wants to learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals for herself and her family.

  • is ready to put herself and her health first.

  • will trust the process and make this program a priority.

  • has an open mind and is willing to try new things.

  • is ready to commit and do the work it takes to achieve her goals.

Food Focused: About Me
Image by Claudia Crespo

working with julia 1:1

what you'll learn

you'll learn the fundamentals on whole food nutrition, as well as how to:

  • eat intuitively, and ignore the diet culture and other outside noise.

  • prepare easy, delicious meals full of nutritional benefits.

  • understand your cravings and reduce that urge for that snack at 3pm.

  • increase your energy without those 3 cups of coffee.

Food Focused: About Me

what's included?

this program includes:

initial 1-hour health history consultation

followed by bi weekly 5, 45 minute calls where we address questions, concerns, and I provide ongoing support and accountability 

24/7 access to me through Practice Better

bi-weekly personalized recipes and grocery lists

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